Friday, November 18, 2016

Why do mothers commit the unthinkable act of maternal filicide?

Mothers commit the unthinkable act for certain reasons. Some parents think it is in the best interest of their child, others claim they hear voices. Some don't even mean to and just abuse them, while others believe they are a hindrance in her life. In very rare occasions, the mother kills the kid to get back at the father. I relate this last one to Medea because to get revenge on Jason, she kills her own children. Although it may always be difficult for a mother to kill a child, some find it within themselves to go through with it. All of these mothers that commit the unthinkable are usually mentally ill. In the story it says "Mothers don't kill their children unless they are seriously disturbed." Although this is the case for most, I don't think this goes for the same with Medea. I think this because although Medea committed the unthinkable, she was sane when she had the moment of determining whether to commit the act or not. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

understanding early Chinese history

This article shows that Taoist can help deepen our understanding of early Chinese history. It can do this because it shows how Confucians dealt with their world. They send petitions and documents to the emperor. China also never had an alternate model other than an emperor. That was the model for over 2,000 years. Early history of Taoism is different however, it's a theocracy based around "tianshi". Tianshi was a celestial master who was suppose to establish a new political structure. This structure is called the "Great Peace", in which every indiviual is treated justly. This concept provided an alternative to the norm of Confucianism. The founder of this was Zhang Daoling. In China, this political structure did not last. The social structure of the community was based upon the ritual of all Taoist, having a name and a title. Your social status also determined your rank in the religion.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Is our world real?

"The matrix" is a very interesting, and understandable way to describe the universe. Proven by this article here, there are many people out there that believe this theory. Although it seems like a big stretch and not that reasonable, it might not be as far as most of us think. In my personal opinion, I don't believe this theory. I think that we don't have enough technology yet to peruse this entire reality. I also feel that if we lived in this stimulated society, that it would be difficult to maintain and keep it like it is. Someone would have to dedicate their entire life just to "create and run" these other people's lives. In the passage provided it says "The reason is quite simple: If we’re programs in the computer, then as long as I have a computer that’s not damaged, I can always re-run the program.” This is a good point because this means that all people would always be living, just not in the actual picture itself. This new theory, would then go up against religion, God, and what happens after you die. 


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Holocaust survivor: search for faith

The Holocaust was a tragic event that happen, and killed millions of Jewish people. No one understands why God would let such a thing happen, considering the power he has. In the story of Moshe Yosef Daum and Fela Nussbaum, they describe the faith they have in God, and how for many people it was altered. This story about the Holocaust, compares and can be contrasted to that of The Book of Job. They are both similar because in both stories, people are losing faith in God. They know how powerful he is, and what he can do, yet they don't understand why he would sit back and allow such things to happen. In the Book of Job, Job loses faith in God and curses the day he was born because he was always so faithful and gets punished for doing nothing. However, this story of the Holocaust is different in that these two parents didn't lose all their faith in God.  "A God who limits himself to actions that we humans can understand couldn't possibly be God." This is what Moshe Yosef Daum believed. This means that God does things that nobody can understand so that is the reason he let the Holocaust happen. Fela Nussbaum still had a faith in God, but it was changed. She was still observant, but could not forgive the terrible tragedy that God didn't help save.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Book of Job

Job is "blameless and upright, one who feared God and turned away from evil." This story is similar and different to other stories in the Old Testament. It shows God testing yet another human to see if they are faithful, however in this story Satan is involved. In this book, it is showing that God is only worshipped when the people have a good life, and nothing bad has happened. This story is different then most because Satan and God make a bet, and that is why Job is tested. The story that this best can relate to is the Garden of Eden because that's the only other story that involves Satan, and he pushes the faith of the people in both stories. The other reason why this story relates is because every story has a person who is tested to see how faithful they are. Personally, I think this is the worst suffering, and test that anyone has had to go through, given by or allowed by God. This story shows God characterization like the others, which is insecure, and powerful. He is insecure because he needed to test Job to see if he was really faithful because nothing bad has ever happened. He is also powerful, because he can inflict and make easy bets like he did, just to torture one human to see his faith. God has similar actions in each story we have read so far.

Friday, September 30, 2016

high school experience

So far, I love high school. Before school started and during the first week, I was very nervous, and scared. I didn't know what to expect, and was frightened to be the youngest in the school. The best thing about it is you have so much freedom, and can do so much more stuff, such as clubs. I also love how we are able to leave the school to go out for lunch. I am very happy being the youngest also because I have older friends to look up to, and to help guide me with my work. The worst thing about high school is definetely the work load. Since I play a sport, I don't have enough time to do all my work after school practice, or a game. There is also a lot of responsibly put on each student which is good in some ways but bad in others. Overall, I like high school more than middle school, and I am excited to spend the rest of this year and years to come in this school. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Gods character in Genesis

I always thought of God as a perfect, kind, and caring human being for all people. I have now realized from Gensis that God has a different side to him. He has hatred and evilness inside of him that he let come out a little during this. God thinks of himself and the most perfect figure, which was also set for all of us to think. From reading this I have realized that God is just like us. We are figures of him, we represent him, so in a way we are a part of him. He is like us, being he has evil, and bad inside of him. We gained these qualities because he owned these qualities. In reading this, it has made me realize that nobody, not even God is perfect. God has more flaws then we imagined.